Alberta is blessed with a varied and diverse geography, affording it  breathtaking scenary at every turn; boreal forest, mountains, rocky promontories, meadows and lakes.

Since the establishment of the very first natural parks over a century ago, the Canadian Rockies have been part of the Canadian identity to the world. Rocky fortresses reaching for the sky, the lanquid turquoise of glacier–fed mountain lakes, roadways carved along the banks of rivers and streams….you can’t escape the beauty and majesty of Banff or Lake Louise. Holding meetings in this mythic environment can only serve to further engage and ethuse your guests, and spur them toward enhanced productivity and performance so vital to success in today’s business world.

Bring your team together with challenges that will inspire, as they explore this magnificent nature on foot, on horseback or on all-terrain quads. You incentive will reach new heights, both figuratively and geographically!

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