If you were struck by the panoramas of the film « Into the Wild », then the Yukon will take your breath away. Nestled beside Alaska, the Yukon is a perfect playground for incentives that are truly off the beaten path, where the wild in wilderness surrounds you. An unspoiled land of remarkable natural beauty, nature flourishing in spite of the challenge of a harsh northern climate, the Yukon is as unique as it is unforgettable.

Travel by canoe or kayak, still waters or rushing currents, trek the mountains or explore the icebergs – all offering a glimpse of local wildlife in its true natural setting.

Each season has a distinct face in the Yukon. From September through April you can catch the most grandiose and beautiful ballet there is – the dance of the Northern Lights, parading through the sky with luminous hues of green, red and blue – it is said they even make a sound! Summer marks the season of the midnight sun, when this land explodes with the vitality created by this bountiful sunlight.  A magical transformation takes place as the arctic becomes carpeted with wildflowers of all descriptions, attracting birds in abundance.

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